About the Membership Ambassadors Club

The Membership Ambassadors will work as an elite committee at the direction and oversight of the Friends Board.  Membership Ambassadors are Friends member volunteers who help engage new and prospective members and volunteer at Friends events.

The exclusive experience will put Membership Ambassadors at the forefront of upcoming planning for the Friends organization. Membership Ambassadors will help plan exclusive events for the Friends membership and will be able to attend these special events free or at a deep discount to the membership as a whole or the public.

The Role of Membership Ambassadors

Membership Ambassadors will be provided with membership information and talking points about Friends membership so that they will feel confident in reaching out to potential new members and current members.  They will also be present at Friends events to help with logistics and invite attendees to learn more about the Friends organization and to help grow the Friends membership through strategic networking.  It is the role of the Membership Ambassadors to bring relevancy to Friends membership.

Benefits of Becoming a Membership Ambassador

  • Invitation to events with strategic partners
  • Exclusive networking with Friends membership and Ambassadors Club members
  • Quarterly meet-up for Ambassadors at no cost
  • Entrance to most events for free or at a deep discount
  • Access to Board and COSW Commissioners and other city agencies and appointed officials
  • Personalize name tag to be worn at all Friends events
  • Membership waiver for bringing in 5 new members per calendar year - To become a Friends member, click here.
How to Become a Membership Ambassador
  • To join at the membership ambassadors level, email Membership Chair Faye Mellos at membership@friendscosw.org.

We are Thankful to the Following Volunteers Who Serve as Membership Ambassadors

  • Elmy Bermejo
  • Dr. Jane Bernard Powers
  • Verna Liza Caba
  • Polly Cortez
  • Roberta Guise
  • Amy Hsieh
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Bennie Quevedo-Burris 

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