2016 CEDAW Women's Human Rights Awards Sponsors and Donors

The Friends gratefully acknowledges the following generous sponsors and donors whose support enable us to organize community events to raise public awareness about issues affecting the lives of women and girls.

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Shelley Abramson

Michelle Alberda

Lua C. Alexander

Darlene Ayers-Johnson

Nancy Belza

Christine Borghei

Dr. Amos Brown

Juliana Bryant

Meghan Butler

Gwen Chan

Jenny Chan

Cheng-Ling Chen

Suhl Chin

Cassie Cook

Celine Curran

Weilei Dai and 

Dr. Yasmine Safiny A. Davies

Erica Dixon

Maria Del Roserrio-Crievas

Karen Flood Eklund

Robin Endres

Amy Everett

Glide Foundation

Linda Gregory

Pradeep Gupta

Valerie Ashford Hal

Linda Harrison

Larena Holmer

Amanda Hirsch

Mary Hvistendahl

Theresa Houghton

Ravonna C. Iffla

Caryl Ito

April Lapidus

Mark Leno

Elizabeth Lincoln

Madelyn Mallory

Rita Maran

Cheryl McDonald

Alena Meeker

Faye Mellos

Cheryl Moore

Monique Moyer

Andrew Olig

Faye Mellos

Monique Moyer

JaMel Perkins

Regina Phelps

Karen Schwindt

Laurie Shakur

Elisa Perez-Selsk

JaMel Perkins

Phacal C. Peterson

Eric Peterson

Regina Phelps

Betsy Ricketts

Alma Robinson

Kaushik Roy

Anne Sapp

Ms. Theo Schuabacker

Karen Schwindt

Laurie Shakur

Elaine Shea

Gladys Soto

Nathan Stein

Laura Steinfeldt

Carol Suveda

Minna Tao

Karen Taylor

Kathleen Thurmond

Kay Tittle

Julius M. Turman

Janice Mirikitani Williams

Jane Winter

Betty Sun Wong

Akiko Yamazaki

Soon Young-Yoon and Sehat Sutarda

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